I support you to create trust and credibility in your market with an individually tailored, sustainable quality management, and thus to gain competitive strength.

Who I am

My name is Eric Schlichter.

I have been working in quality and HSSE management for various industries since 2007.

My passion is ISO standards and process development.

I offer from support of existing TQM systems, to implementations of ISO standards "from the scratch" to certification readiness. Or do you want to further develop your own employees in these topics? I will be happy to support you in this.

All about ISO standards

From implementation to certification readiness. Whether you are looking for support and consulting only, or want to outsource the topic completely; I am your expert to help you achieve these goals.

All about trainings

You want to train and promote your employees in the field of quality management, auditing or process optimization? I train your employees in a practical way and draw on my years of experience.

All about processes

Whether process safety, process optimization, or lean management, I support you in optimizing your processes appropriately, and thereby significantly increase efficiency.


As much as necessary, as little as possible, or the high-end TQM system? I adapt to your wishes.


For me as an auditor, discretion is one of the most important qualities, and a lived value. Confidentiality is written in capital letters.


Liability is very important to me, and is a lived value. Whatever our cooperation looks like, you can count on my commitment.

My promise

Individually tailored for you

Quality management is nothing off the shelf. Your quality management should be just as unique as your company.

My goal is that you identify with your TQM system just as you identify with your company itself.

Competent consulting for your company

Years of experience in various industries, and the ability to understand, interpret and apply ISO standard requirements to your processes, allow me to bring out the best for your company.

My offer

Whether it's consulting and support, audits, training and education, or keynote speeches; I offer a service tailored to your individual needs.


A TQM system does not necessarily have to be certified as well. That is your decision alone. However, I support you in implementing a TQM system that is ready for certification. Because with this I guarantee you the functionality of your integrated Total Quality Management System.


Systems must be audited regularly in order to detect possible weaknesses at an early stage. As an experienced auditor, I conduct internal audits in your company according to various ISO standards. This allows your system to be viewed from a different perspective and blind spots to be uncovered.

Trainings and courses

Whether your employees are to be trained in norms and standards, or are to learn more about process efficiency, I am happy to conduct them. Practical and connected with own experiences, bare theory becomes an experience, which the participants can put into their own practice.

Keynote speech


As an experienced keynote speaker, I convey lively and practical topics from the areas of QM communication, process optimization, as well as from occupational health and safety, especially cause identification. I can be booked for public as well as closed events. Do you need a lecture on a specific topic? If the topic arouses my interest, I can also arrange an exclusive speech for your company.

Process development


Only those who know their processes and have them under control can be truly successful with their company. Do you want to optimize your processes? Perhaps you are even striving for lean process management? I can support you in this. From process mapping, optimization and ensuring process reliability to lean process, I will accompany you and your employees professionally.

5S - For operations, and for administrative processes

As an experienced keynote speaker, I convey lively and practical topics from the areas of QM communication, process optimization, as well as from occupational health and safety, especially cause identification. I can be booked for public as well as closed events. Do you need a lecture on a specific topic? If the topic arouses my interest, I can also arrange an exclusive speech for your company.

I can support you with these standards

Hier stelle ich Ihnen die Normen vor, bei welchen ich Sie professionell unterstützen kann, von der Betreuung bis zur Implementierung, von Audits bis zu Trainings und Schulungen

ISO 9001:2015  

ISO 9001:2015 provides the foundation for any functioning quality management system. It not only improves your products and services, but also optimizes your overall process performance, resulting in fewer errors. This is the basis for your continuous improvement process.

ISO 14001:2015       

With ISO 14001:2015 you have the opportunity to improve the environmental performance of your company, and thus make your contribution to a greener future. Targeted, managed and controlled reduction of your emissions and immissions, but also ensuring compliance with all mandatory requirements of your stakeholders are supported, required and promoted by this standard.

ISO 45001:2015   
Safety & Health

To ensure that all your employees return home safely every day and are not exposed to health hazards in the company, the implementation of ISO 45001:2015 is the right tool. Analyzing hazards in a structured way, applying and implementing corrective and preventive measures and thus reducing accidents not only increases your reputation in the market, but also the motivation of your employees.

ISO 50001:2018       
Energie efficiency

Saving energy has been an important issue not only since the crisis. Because high energy costs reduce the company's profit. With ISO 50001:2018, you have an instrument that supports you in not only saving energy, but also using it efficiently. This leads to more than just a win situation. As a side effect, the system also helps to achieve CO2 savings.

ISO 27001:2013
Information security

Data is an important asset that absolutely must be protected. The requirements of ISO 27001:2013 are designed to make your systems more difficult to prevent the undesired loss of company data. All conceivable possibilities of data loss are considered in a structured manner, and measures for risk minimization and risk mitigation are demanded.

ISO 22000:2018 
FSSC 22000 Version 5.4 Food Safety

Ensuring food safety requires comprehensive consideration of all possible hazards, which can be introduced both from within the company and from outside. With a systematic approach, ISO/FSSC 22000 helps you identify all critical points and take measures to prevent foreign substances or contaminants from entering our food, which could affect our health.


To complement my own portfolio, I work with various collaboration partners. These enable me to broaden my offer even more, and to design a TQM with you that takes all aspects into account, from my own services, to occupational health and safety and risk management, to the TQM software solution. I can also put you in touch with the respective partners. Or you can contact them directly yourself by clicking on the corresponding logo.

Digitization of your quality management


You want to digitalize your management system?

My collaboration partner "abel systems" has developed the ideal tool for this: QM Pilot. It combines process management with the documentation required for your management system. This means that you can find the required documents for each individual process directly embedded in the process steps. Feel free to contact me so that I can establish the contact to the developer.

Occupational safety 


While I can help you with the introduction of an occupational health and safety management system, I unfortunately cannot offer you services as an occupational health and safety specialist. But my collaboration partner ASSS Arbeitsschutzservice Struve e.K. from Hamburg can. And he can offer this service Germany-wide.

He is your competent and flexible partner for ensuring occupational safety in your company. I would be happy to bring you together.

ISO 31000

All companies, including (limited liability) SMEs, are now obliged to establish a risk management system. For SMEs, risk management does not necessarily have to meet the requirements of ISO 31000, but a minimum level of risk management must nevertheless be demonstrated.

Foxpedition is internationally active and the specialist for risk management according to ISO 31000, not only for business security, but also for security in uncertain environments.

Structural efficiency for your organisational development

Structural efficiency creates a functioning working environment and forms the essential basis for complete organisational and corporate development.

Bernd Ruffing of Prozesspunktnull supports you in this. It is not about optimising individual processes, but about completely redesigning the structure of a company and aligning the processes with the structure and thus also with the culture of the company. This creates transparency and the basis for processes in which everyone involved pulls together and in the same direction.

Incident recording and analysis, employee training

TeamCloud is a versatile software system. I have been able to get to know it from many angles: as a system for recording and analysing incidents, for training employees and also for their medical records.

I was particularly impressed by the options for analysing incidents. Here, the full range from near miss to TLI is cascaded and the analysis fields are adapted to the severity of the accident. This means that everything from the one-minute recording of a near miss to the in-depth analysis of TLIs is mapped. Depending on customer requirements, all details can even be customised.

Creating measurability for sustainability in companies

Greenpulse offers an initial analysis of where the company stands in terms of sustainability, funding advice for more resources, as well as active KPI design and support for changes in the organisation.

Greenpulse meets people where they are at the moment. As a specialised partner, we develop impulses and best practices with professors from the field of sustainability and make functioning concepts from entrepreneurs available to you in the form of events, checklists and direct support. We offer impulses for the economy of the future in order to actively shape the market.
Where does your company stand?

From QM to AZAV, and beyond

BMCS Solutions are two experts who offer the full range of services.

From quality management to AZAV and sustainability issues.

Based in North Rhine-Westphalia, BMCS operates throughout Germany. Our partnership is based on collaboration and mutual complementarity rather than competition. Be it as support for current customer issues or as a sparring partner for questions on the practical handling of management systems. This co-operation is based on respect and trust.

Environment, quality and sustainability


Melanie Reuss - Consulting specialises in environmental management, sustainability and quality management and is based in beautiful Franconia.

In addition to audits, seminars and workshops, Melanie Reuss also offers interim management. As an experienced managing director, she offers you a bridging solution so that your business can continue to run smoothly.

With a great deal of empathy, sound specialist knowledge and a delicious sense of humour, Melanie Reuss has become an indispensable collaboration partner. I would put my company in her hands with confidence at any time.

Expertise for your personnel


"Die Kompetenztrainer" not only offer you professional workshops and efficient training, they also support you in the implementation, establishment and further development of your quality management.

They do not impose prefabricated concepts on you, but focus on the existing skills of your employees and train them continuously - because yes, skills can be trained!

NAQ - Network for applied quality competence

I am a founding member of NAQ, the Network for Applied Quality Competence.

NAQ brings together five experienced consultants who have developed a unique training concept that focuses on playful learning in order to convey complex content in a tangible and entertaining way. Our practice-orientated approach guarantees that you can immediately apply what you have learned in your day-to-day work.

Quality management is nothing off the shelf. Your quality management should be as unique and individual as your company. 

My goal is for entrepreneurs to identify with their TQM system the same way they identify with their company itself.


Phone: +49 176 488 53531

E-mail: info@schlichter-consulting.com

Adress: Owiesenkehre 7, 22177 Hamburg

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